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Gorilla 40 Shot By Cube Fireworks


Skyblue and Green Strobe, Green Silver Wave and Crackling, Blue peony, Green Wave Pistils with Red Strobe, Chrys

Hell Raiser 68 Shot By Cube Fireworks


Green Pink Blue Red Purple Lemon Green Orange White Strobe, Silver Chrysanthemum, Mines to Red Green Yellow Blue Purple Lemon Orange, Brocade Crown Red Strobe White Strobe, Crackling NIHow Purple Palm

Iron Fist 160 Shot By Cube Fireworks


Red, Green & Gold palms with crackling tails, Whistles & Chrysanthemums

Jewel Fever 36 Shot By Benwell Fireworks


Red tail to green peony with golden glittering and crackling, Green tail to red palm green star crackling, Red tail to red and blue peony with white glittering, White tail to blue and green peony with time rain, Red tai to silver palm with red peony and crackling.

Knights Quest 36 Shot By Benwell Fireworks


Red & Green palm, White glitter, Brocadee crown, Red, green blue stars, Green palm & Gold Chrysanthemum.

Legion 100 Shot By Cube Fireworks


Brcoade crown, White Strobe,Blue stars,Red Green leaves,Crackling,Blue and Red Strobe White Strobe, Chrys